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Our ambitions and priorities

We will work together to enable everyone in Nottinghamshire to live healthier and happier lives, to prosper in their communities and remain independent in later life.

We have 4 ambitions and 9 priorities that outline what outcomes we want to achieve over the next four years and beyond for everyone in Nottinghamshire.

Our ambitions

  • 1
    Give every child the best chance of maximising their potential
    We will work together for every child in Nottinghamshire to have the best possible start in life, because we know that a good start shapes lifelong health, wellbeing and prosperity.
  • 2
    Create healthy and sustainable places
    Everyone will grow, live, work and age in places that promote good health, tackle the causes of health inequalities and address the climate crisis.
  • 3
    Everyone can access the right support to improve their health
    Health, care and community services will work together to strengthen their focus on promoting good health and wellbeing and preventing illness, by building on people's strengths.
  • 4
    Keep our communities safe and healthy
    We will support people who are marginalised in our communities to ensure they are safe from harm and their needs are met. Services will support people to build on their strengths to live the lives they want.

How have we identified these ambitions and priorities?

We have looked at the factors across Nottinghamshire, which are having the greatest impact on people’s health and wellbeing, and which account for some of the biggest variations or inequalities. We also spent over three months speaking and listening to members of the public and hearing from organisations involved in health, care and community and voluntary services on what they think matters most. Our ambitions and priorities cover the whole population from babies to older age, and particularly groups who are underserved or excluded.

Feedback from residents (adults, children and young people) and partners identified many other important concerns which included poverty, loneliness, drug misuse and support for families. Climate change and improving access to services (including GPs, dentists, and mental health services) were also identified.

We used this feedback to change and improve our areas of focus and to shape the delivery plans. Some topics people raised are the responsibility of other boards and strategies, however the Health and Wellbeing Board will continue to contribute to those topics.

People also wanted to see that the organisations on the Health and Wellbeing Board would work together effectively and acknowledged that all the priorities are strongly interlinked and need to be tackled in a joined-up way. The Health and Wellbeing Board is committed to:

  • Empowering individuals, families and communities by removing barriers to health and wellbeing such as lack of tasty and affordable food
  • Recognising which actions are beneficial for the whole county through to those that are very important for local work
  • Focussing on preventing ill-health and reducing health inequalities
  • Fully utilising the strengths of each organisation
  • Encouraging grassroots initiatives and innovation
  • Evolving our approach as we learn and evaluate our action
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